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Our coach fleet ranges from 22 to 53 seater touring coaches with 5 to 4 star ratings. These vehicles are appointed with air-conditioning, cloth covered reclining seats, fully carpeted, coach entertainment systems, on-board toilets, fridges, TV/DVD Systems and twin-door entry.

All our vehicles are regularly inspected, maintained and serviced to the highest standards. Vehicles are checked by an independent organisation - Vehicle Testing New Zealand Ltd. Each vehicle is setup to provide the maximum in ride comfort and safety.

Star Rated Coaches

5 Star Coaches

On one of our 5 star deluxe touring coaches you can expect all the features and and comfort a top end luxury coach should provide. At 13.5m in length they are set up and designed to give you the ultimate in ride comfort and luxury travel. With leather headrests and seat bolsters on the contoured and 3 point seat belted seat you are both comfortable and safe. Large panoramic windows give unhindered views of the many amazing sights you'll see along your journey. You'll feel at home in your surroundings with the deluxe velour interior, fully climate controlled air-conditioned cabin and state of the art DVD CD PA systems with up to 3 TV screens. Twin doors are well located for fast and easy entry and exit. A fridge and on board toilet is also provided for your convenience. Underneath the coach is the latest in comfort ride suspension and safety features. Our Scania coaches are also environmentally friendly vehicles with either Euro 4, 5 or 6 emissions ratings.

5 Star Coach Interior
5 Star 5 Star Coach

4 Star Coaches

Our 4 star coaches are of the same high standard and specifications as our 5 star coaches, and are aged between 7 and 12 years old. These twin or single door entry coaches are in exceptionally good condition and are well maintained. All coaches start their life with us as brand new 5 star coaches and then filter down through the fleet over time until they become a 3 star coach.

4 Star Coach 96
4 Star  

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Coach Sizes

Full Sized 49 - 53 Seat Coaches

5 Star Coach Interior
5 Star Coach 5 Star

Mid Sized 32 Seat Coaches

We offer both 4 and 5 star mid sized coaches.

Example below is of 5 star coach #150.

Mid Size Coach 150 Mid size Coach 150 Interior

Example below is of 5 star coach #130.

Mid Size Coach 130 Mid size Coach 130 Interior

Small 22 Seat Coaches

The highest rating these excellent coaches can achieve is 3 stars according to the NZ Bus and Coach star rating standards as they are not equipped with a toilet, fridge nor TV DVD.

Examples below are coaches #85 and #86.

22 Seater Coach 22 Seater Coach
22 Seater Coach

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Coach Full Size

49 seat capacity max

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Coach Mid Size

32 seat capacity max

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Coach Small

22 seat capacity max

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